About Aleven graphic & multimedia design

Aleven Creatives will creatively engage our clients by providing intelligent products and services with a refreshing point of view.

We will work hard so we can play harder with our family, friends, clients, and vendors.

We will dedicate ourselves to encouraging individualism and maintaining constant personal improvement.

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  About Aleven graphic & multimedia design  

Soon superhuman cyborg Terminator creatives will take over the world and handle your projects. We want to be prepared for this hit. Our team's personality is just as important as its marketing skill. We constantly strive to build stronger client and partner relationships through great work with a personal connection.

About the Founders
Aleven Creatives is a collective of eccentric minds working together to provide you with a compelling story. However this is not We are all not created equal. The most important people are cofounders Tony Rodono and Neal Reddy. Read on for the proof.

Birth Name:
Anthony Nicholas Rodono

Tony, Tony Donuts

Charlotte, NC

UNC - Chapel Hill
BA in Journalism - Visual Communications

Social Networking?
Just the boring business one: LinkedIn Profile

Claims to Fame:
First place Under-12 Upton’s drawing contest, can name all the linking verbs in less than five seconds

Favorite wrestler:
Gotta go with the Hulk, but the Bushwhackers were pretty damn cool

Pizza Toppings:
Pepperoni and banana peppers

Pet Peeves:
Don't have many, but:

Favorite Local Restaurants?
Fellini's Pizza, Rathbun's

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?

Drums (been in my attic for a year), Bagpipes (never learned to play), Steel Drum (can only play “Under the Sea”), Harmonica (only when out drinking)

Greatest Weakness?

Place I’d love to move:
Florence, Italy

Best Super Human Power:

Best Joke:
Q: How do you have a good outer space party.
A: You Plan-it

Favorite Animated Film:
Tie: A Bug's Life & Tarzan (but just because of the awesome Phil Collins soundtrack)

Typical attire:
T-shirt, jeans, flip flops or slippers (depending on weather)

Death Row final meal:
Fried Calamari, Pizza, Jolly Ranchers

Morning person?
Hell no, don’t speak until 1

Fav Books?
Most Non-Fiction

Dog or cat person?
Dog. Don't trust cat people, especially guys who baby talk them.

Fav Video Game:
Guitar Hero (drug equivalent: coke) or RockBand (drug equivalent: crack)

I c an only get out of bed on the hour, during the 15th minute, 30th minute, or 45th minute. It's a wonderful excuse to be lazy.

What do they ship Styrofoam in?
Don't care....better not ask me about that driveway/parkway thing either.

How many fights have you been in:
None really...spun a guy around and threw him into a fence when I was about ten, that's about it.

Waffle House or IHOP?
Gotta go with Waffle House.

Do you think they should call mustaches "mouthbrows?"


Birth Name:
Neal Akavaram Reddy

Horsefly, Unipec

Jacksonville, FL

UNC - Chapel Hill
BA Business Administration

Social Networking?

Long walks on the beach or Dinner and a movie?
Neither - Bowling or Medieval Times

Fav Bands:
Anything not popular. Yes I am one of those people.

Biggest Fears:
Tall People, Pandas, Artificial Intelligence

5’6”, but it says 5’9” on my license

Shoes/Sandals/Flip Flops?
Always shoes, only people in the bible should wear Sandals

Favorite Local Spot:

Current Celebrity Crush:
I can't name just one:

Beach or Pool?
Neither, I have not gone shirtless in public in almost 8 years.

Greatest Weakness:
Physical stuff, teenie-bopper movies

The song that will spontaneously cause you to burst out into dance?
Sadly, every song makes me dance much to the dismay of my friends.

Top Karaoke song:
La Bamba

Driving really close to the steering wheel and dancing at weddings.

Pet Peeves:
People who do not laugh at my jokes

Favorite Food:
Indian (obviously)

Morning person?
Yes, I am officially the most annoying person to have around in the morning.

Do you take showers daily?
If daily now means twice a week, then yes I do take them daily.

Fav Books?
Great Gatsby

PC or MAC? Why?
PC – I like things being easy, utilitarian, and cheap.

Top album artwork of all time:
Beatles White Album – Pure simplistic genius. So good in fact that it has no graphics.

Most famous person you have met whose name you drop whenever possible?
Patti LaBelle, She was really nice and surprisingly inquisitive. I guess that is what happens when an 11-year-old kid recognizes someone that has not had a hit for at least 20 years.

Favorite Geek of all time:
I only can name one? Boo… Tesla, Alan Turing, or Ramanujan

Coke or Pepsi?
Which ever one wants to work with us

Favorite subject in high school:
EVERY SINGLE ONE. I had a nerd rating of 9.7 out of 10 in high school.

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