AirPlay Direct

Highlights from the Style Brief:
AirPlay Direct aims to become the premiere online business to business resource for independent artists. AirPlay Direct has built a userbase of almost 30,000 musicians who use the website platform to securely deliver their broadcast-quality songs and artist information to radio stations worldwide. Prior to AirPlay Direct, artists had to mail their CD, artist bio, pictures, and press to each radio station - a huge commitment of time and money. We're not going to lie - this 60 day period build was intense! However, the increased revenue and users that the website is generating makes those sleepless nights worth it!

Client Testimonial:
“Aleven Creatives is on retainer with AirPlay Direct and leads all of our branding and design initiatives exclusively.”
- Robert Weingartz, CEO - AirPlay Direct


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Website Architecture
Website Design
Collateral Design

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