The Backsliders

Highlights from the Style Brief:
The Backsliders won a high-profile "best blues band award," which was a problem for this "upbeat, high-intensity rock-n-roll band." Their old "black/red rockabilly" style reinforced the incorrect genre. The Backsliders had a perception problem. The "flashy and bright pop" graphic elements developed more effectively communicated the band's sound and was appropriate for their "primarily female 25-30 year-old audience."

Client Testimonial:
"We found working with Aleven to be a great experience. Aleven did a complete re-branding to find us our own individual look. As a small business owner I was most impressed by their fast response time to my every question and concern. I would highly recommend Aleven to any one else in need of re-branding, CD , website design and logos." - Chris Bonner


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Logo Development
Website Development
Album Art
Marketing Collateral Design
Merchandise Design

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