Backspace Records

Highlights from the Style Brief:
Backspace Records created a family of “community-immersed” and “personal” artists with a unique story to tell. The style is "street-level" and "attainable" with a crafted look to communicate a unique, creative point of view. The graphic elements are constructed out of "real-world materials"; they aren't created digitally. This communicates the real-world experience and collaboration that has created their approach.

Client Testimonial:
"Aleven has gone well above and beyond the call of duty for us at Backspace Records. We have received exceptional service and outstanding products."
- Ben Rowell


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Website Development
MySpace Customization
Press Kit Development
Marketing Collateral Design

Client Links:
Artist Myspace (Mark Gaignard)
Artist Myspace (Guitar Red)