Insane Clown Posse

Project Overview:
Whenever we mention that INSANE CLOWN POSSE is one of our clients we always get asked two questions:

1) Are they still around?
Why did they pick you guys?

To answer question 1: Yes they are still around, and not in the small sense. They created their own destiny, their own label, their own audio/video production studio, their own festivals and their own merchandise fulfillment company. A giant loyal fan base and a consistently heavy touring schedule have given ICP longevity and success without the need for radio or TV play. Their story is impressive.

We take offense to question 2 because it implies we are too square to work with ICP. What the crap? Though we aren't the hardcore makeup-wearing Juggalos they might be used to, this hasn't hindered a great working relationship. The secret to why this works? It's simple. We were given free reign to create, not hold back, and come up with something truly memorable.


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Website Development

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