Levi Lowrey

Highlights from the Style Brief:
Levi Lowrey is conscious of the competing forces that have molded his messages: "spirituality vs. religion, the touring musician vs. the family man, music as a craft vs. music as a business, and his inner pessimistic voice vs. optimistic views." He admits that these dichotomies do "cause suffering, but they also make him feel alive". The result is a visual style with "high contrast in color, brightness, and texture". The imagery portrays Levi "naturally and honestly" to mirror his ability to level with his audience at a sincere humanistic level.

Client Testimonial:
"The team at Aleven has worked on several projects for Sonia and Levi including brand marketing, web design, and collateral design. Aleven comes through for us on a consistent basis even on the shortest of notice."
- Lynn Oliver, Zac Brown Band Management Team


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Logo Development
Website Development
Merchandise Design

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