Sonia Leigh

Highlights from the Style Brief:
Songwriting is a “cleansing of spirit” for Sonia. She aims to use her music to communicate what others can't or won't say. She hopes her music can help convince people that "it's OK to wish for more in life." Sonia wants to prove there is more than one route for the female artist. She believes "girls don’t have to place their sexuality over the music. They can be beautiful with just the music." While most would characterize Sonia as a "Southern artist", she is an outlaw in Nashville. "Her raw vocals and genuine, stripped-down presence separates her from many like-artists." Her visual style serves to further differentiate her - it's raw, sultry, and mysterious.

Client Testimonial:
"The team at Aleven has worked on several projects for Sonia and Levi including brand marketing, web design, and collateral design. Aleven comes through for us on a consistent basis even on the shortest of notice."
- Lynn Oliver, Zac Brown Band Management Team


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Logo Development
Website Development
Album Art
Marketing Collateral Design
Merchandise Design

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