Tyler Reeve

Highlights from the Style Brief:
Tyler Reeve has a seasoned Texas-country sound, but because his primary audience consists of the 20-30 year-old party crowd, the de-facto country look & feel wouldn't be appropriate. Instead, Tyler's style included an "old-school country feel with a modern twist." The standard distressed leather textures and mono-toned color palette weren't used. Instead, "trendy plaid textures" with "baby-blue denim" and "bright orange" highlights built Tyler's style.

Client Testimonial:
"From the very beginning, I could tell that Aleven was as good as it gets when it came to their creativity, accessibility and professionalism. Without a doubt in my mind, these guys have been the absolute MVP's on all of my projects. They are as valuable to me as anyone I work with." - Tyler Reeve


Project Involved:
Marketing Strategy
Concept Art
Logo Development
Website Development
Press Kit Development
Merchandise Design
Marketing Collateral Design

Client Links: