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Your story needs specific traits in order to resonate with an audience. Our process analyzes your goals, identifies your traits, and builds your story. Then, a visual style is crafted from your story, not some arbitrary "cool".

Our process has four phases:

Creative Consulting Session
The Creative Consulting Session is an interview where we begin to discover your story’s traits. The session is laid back and conversational. The insights gained from this session will refresh and inspire you...

Style Brief
Once our team distills the information gathered from the Creative Consulting Session and complete the other necessary research, we will present a Style Brief. This brief lists your story’s tangible traits and provides recommendations for your visual style. The normal client response is, "That's exactly what I feel, but could never put into words." Then " "

Concept Art
Upon the Style Brief’s approval, we will begin developing your Concept Art. This document will include representations of the visual elements that will wrap every marketing piece.

Art Production
When the Concept Art is approved, we’ll begin the Art Production phase. Our team will retire to the nerd cave and produce all the necessary marketing tools using the graphic elements established in the Concept Art.

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